We are excited to announce that TAKT Group has signed an MOU with Andhra Pradesh AP State Skill Development Corporation (APSSDC) and Andhra Pradesh Non-Resident Telugus (APNRT) to skill and source talented workers from Andhra Pradesh to Europe. Our team has already started working on placing 15 nurses to Germany from Andhra Pradesh, and we look forward to expanding this mandate over time. It’s great to see our efforts contributing to the growth of the skilled workforce in India and supporting the development of our clients’ businesses.

TAKT Group is a leading provider of specialised workforce recruitment services for clients that need to employ Asian personnel for their own company or outsource their labour needs to us. We operate across various industries such as construction, welding, hospitality, oil and gas, retail and agriculture. We have a British and Romanian management team with extensive expertise in training, workforce management and legal advisory. We are also members of various associations and chambers of commerce that ensure our compliance with the highest standards of quality and ethics. We operate in Europe under TAKT Recruitment brand.

Andhra Pradesh is one of the fastest growing states in India with a population of over 50 million people. It has a rich cultural heritage and a strong diaspora community across the world. The state government has been proactive in promoting skill development and overseas employment opportunities for its youth through various initiatives such as APSSDC and APNRT.

APSSDC is a unique organisation formed as a public private partnership (PPP) corporation to promote skill development and entrepreneurship in the state. It offers various courses and certifications in collaboration with industry partners and academic institutions to enhance the employability and productivity of the workforce. It also facilitates placements and career guidance for the trainees.

APNRT is a society established by the state government to assist the non-resident Telugus (NRTs) living abroad in various matters such as investment, welfare, education, culture and tourism. It also aims to create a bridge between the NRTs and the state government for mutual benefit and development.

We have partnered with APSSDC and APNRT to identify, train and place skilled workers from Andhra Pradesh to Europe, with a pilot project for Germany. Germany is one of the largest economies in Europe and has a high demand for skilled workers in various sectors such as healthcare, engineering, IT, hospitality and manufacturing. Germany also offers attractive working conditions, social benefits and career prospects for foreign workers.

Our partnership will enable us to tap into the huge pool of talent available in Andhra Pradesh and provide them with quality training and certification as per the requirements of our clients in Europe. We will also assist them with visa processing, travel arrangements, accommodation, language training and cultural orientation. We will ensure that they have a smooth transition and integration into their new work environment.

Our partnership will also benefit our clients in Europe who are looking for reliable, efficient and cost-effective solutions for their workforce needs. We will provide them with qualified, motivated and loyal non EU workers who can add value to their businesses. We will also handle all the administrative and legal aspects of hiring foreign workers such as contracts, payroll, taxes, insurance and compliance.

Our partnership will also benefit the state government of Andhra Pradesh who is keen to create more employment opportunities for its youth and boost its economy through remittances and investments from abroad. We will work closely with APSSDC and APNRT to support their vision of making Andhra Pradesh a global hub for skill development and overseas employment.

We are confident that this partnership will create a positive impact on all the stakeholders involved and pave the way for more collaborations in the future. We are grateful to APSSDC and APNRT for their trust and support in this endeavour. We are also thankful to The Hindu and The Hans India for covering the news in the local press.