TAKT Group is proud to share its expertise and knowledge with other stakeholders in the recruitment industry. Recently, TAKT Group had the honour of being invited by the Office of Protector of Emigrants, Chennai, India, The Association of Overseas Recruiting Agents and Tamil Nadu Association of Recruiting Agents to participate in a specially organised workshop on the “Emerging Job Opportunities in the European Sector”.

The workshop was attended by more than 100 recruitment agents who were keen to learn and understand the demands for skilled non-EU workers in the European Union. The guest speaker at the workshop was Raaj Singh, the CEO of TAKT Group, who shared his insights and experience on how to successfully recruit and outsource Asian workers for the European market. During the Q&A session, Raaj explained that of utmost importance was to ensure prospective candidates had the required skills, competencies and qualifications that matched job roles.

The workshop was a great opportunity for TAKT Group to interact with other professionals in the field and to showcase its services and solutions. TAKT Group would like to thank the organisers and participants for their warm welcome and interest. TAKT Group looks forward to collaborating with them in the future and to contributing to the development of the recruitment industry in India and Europe.

TAKT Group is a leading provider of workforce solutions for various industries, with a focus on recruiting and outsourcing skilled workers from Asian countries. The company has a strong presence in Romania, where it operates under the name TAKT Recruitment. TAKT Group also has offices in the UK and India, and is a member of several professional associations in the recruitment sector.

One of the main goals of TAKT Group is to help its clients meet the growing demand for qualified workers in the European Union, especially in sectors such as construction, welding, hospitality, oil and gas, retail and agriculture. To achieve this goal, TAKT Group offers a range of services, including:

– Recruitment: TAKT Group offers specialised workforce recruitment services for its clients that need to employ Asian personnel for their own company. It provides a complete solution following the legal requirements of Romanian and source country regulations.
– Outsourcing: TAKT Group provides labour hire of skilled workers to a wide range of industries. It offers a managed service solution with an on-site account management team and a workforce performance solutions team that ensures that worker performance meets with the clients’ expectations.
– Consultancy: TAKT Group links strategy to execution. It advises and assists its clients in the development of strategies that result in the recruitment of qualified workers who match the skills and competencies levels required for their respective roles.