In 2015, our sister company Snathe was awarded a consultancy contract by Al Rostamani Pegal (ARP) to project manage and provide on the job training to their 150 plastering masons team at the prestigious 40 story Arcade Tower Project in Dubai Marina.

To start with our team carried out a site audit to measure the current performance levels of all ARP’s workers and also to observe the bottlenecks in performance that could be overcome leading to improvements in productivity. The site audit showed that the average worker was only productive for approximately for 4.5 hours per day and that the main causes for this was poor management and unskilled labour.

Our team was on this workforce consultancy project for a total period of four months. During this time selected workers were provided with two weeks intensive “off the job” training followed by two weeks “on the job” training where they were set specific tasks and provided with hands on training. New working methodologies and techniques were introduced that improved overall productivity and quality of the finished render plaster. Before our training program, productivity of the workers was an average 8 m² per man per day. Post training this rose to an average of 20 m² per man per day.

The biggest issue that ARP was facing had been poor site management and the lack of logistical planning which had resulted in significant downtime and low productivity levels. Our team worked with ARP’s site management to develop and implement lean management tools that resulted in improved efficiency and reduced downtime. ARP’s front-line supervisors and middle management were coached and trained with the techniques to effectively manage the workforce and reward them on a results-based scenario.

The successful conclusion of our project resulted in ARP developing a long-term relationship for the recruitment of the blue-collar workers from the Indian subcontinent.  Using international standards as a benchmark, we have developed standardised trade testing procedures that measures the skills and competency levels of workers. This has resulted in simplifying the recruitment process ensuring recruited works have the core skills to seamlessly integrate in the employer’s team and meet performance expectations.