Indian construction workers have been the driving force and backbone of mega projects across the Middle East. The demand for skilled Indian construction workers is now high on the agenda for European employers who are increasingly finding it difficult to recruit skilled workers locally.

Having spent several years developing and implementing skills training strategies for migrant Indian construction workers in the Gulf countries, I was honored to be invited to speak and be a panelist on the International Labour Organisation (ILO) inter- regional conference held in New Delhi, India on Skilling Migrant workers. I shared the findings and collective views of multinational regional contractors on the performance of migrant workers and what in their opinion was required to improve worker’s skills and competencies.

I shared my views on how brand India could become the “go to place” for recruitment adding value to the importance of Indian construction workers through the adaptation of internationally recognised training systems that align skills and competencies desired by employers.

India is like a goldmine. Wherever you look there is gold, however you need to know how to extract it. There is potential talent everywhere, however, the finished and polished articles are but a few. This is because traditionally the focus has been on finding employment and not focusing on education and qualifications that would help promote career growth for Indian workers.

Snathe has been advising International Employers’ Associations and India Skills Development Agencies on steps that both sending and receiving countries need to take to ensure that there is a mutual understanding of the workforce demands and requirements which would result in seamless Indian worker integration resulting in desired performance levels. Subsequent pilot projects managed by Snathe have resulted in over 30% increase in skilled Indian construction workers’ productivity.

Snathe has trained over 65,000 workers from India. We have been working with international employers to develop training and workforce management solutions that lead to significant improvements in the health and safety, quality and productivity of our Indian workers.

To complete our suite of services, TAKT Recruitment provides employers with opportunities to outsource their recruitment requirements to an organisation that has the expertise and experience to source qualified Indian workers with the added value of outsourced labour management ensuring that the workforce meets productivity expectations.